One of the absolute last things the world needs is - you guessed it - just another fashion brand. The next in line to sell replaceable and cheap (sometimes comes in disguises like "affordable" or "low cost") clothing that is "hip" and "fashionable". Stuff you can get and see everywhere. Always on sale. Made cheaply because of the exploitation of others. This is not us. We have other ideas. We have other values. We give as many moments of joy to our audience, our partners, our families and - ideally - ourselves. THIS is why we are here. To spread that joy.

Who are we?

Two different guys with strong personal and professional backgrounds in branding, fashion, street couture and sneakers. From the opposite corners of the world. Living different lifestyles.

But one set of strong mutual values, and the true belief to convince people to “Buy Better”. The profound goal of providing timeless quality products that will last and will do nothing less but to be loved by you. Made with quality, love, respect and with everything that is “better” for you and the planet.

Our belief

Vivienne Westwood once said very correctly: "Buy less, choose well and make it last."

We believe that a price – driven way of marketing, with the constant and unlimited availability of products is no longer appropriate. It is just too much and it comes at the price of exploitation of people and resources. The change in the values of consumers has long since taken place, especially in urban areas. Not simply buying, but buying better and smarter is already a movement in a vastly growing part of consumers around the world.

Unlike the despicable rules of fast fashion where nothing counts, but to sell fast and cheap, we value craftsmanship and the attention to detail. Every single detail to every product is done by our designers and craftsmen who have a lifetime of experience in their fields. In combination with our different creative and cultural backgrounds, adding a level sophistication to, not only our products. We don’t want to devalue the craft that goes into making each piece. Therefore, the prices may be a little higher, but appropriate to the effort that went into making the products.


Our products are not the only protagonist of our brand, but also our services. We believe in the Japanese philosophy “Omotenashi” when it comes to services. We treat our products and our partners with care; therefore, we will deliver the product that will bring “a moment of joy” to our customer’s life. We promise to deliver these unique and memorable experiences at every touchpoint of our brand.

Fair and Sustainable

Fair and Sustainability is a must-have nowadays, in some regions, more than others. Sustaiability is always in the back of our head. "How can we make it more sustainable? But without compromising the quality of the product?". We are still in the journey of finding THE material that is sustainable and durable without compromising the quality.  

Our collection

Our Timless Collection

We keep our products minimalistic while concentrate on the quality and durability of our products. We are proud to give to you, one-of-a-kind cotton garments, made with pride and love in Portugal.